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As seen on HGTV     Robert of Morgan Construction converts an ugly deck to something beautiful, with Deck-70       see link below for details

What is Deck-70?

Most owners of floating homes are familiar with Deck-70.  Technically, Deck-70 is a fluid-applied waterproofing and protective coating.  It is a seamless monolithic product which provides a better water-tightness and longevity value than any other coating technology today.  Also, it may often be directly applied over existing surfaces, eliminating costly and disruptive demolition procedures.  This polyurethane coating is specifically designed to protect steel, wood and concrete against the harsh effects of moisture, abrasion, corrosion, ultraviolet and foreign object impact with no vapor permeability.  It offers outstanding chemical and solvent resistance.  Its applications include roof coating and pedestrian traffic decks.  By introducing abrasives into one of the Deck-70 layers, a skid -proof texture can be obtained.


What is an appropriate use of Deck-70?

This photo is representative of a good Deck-70 application.  There are through-roof penetrations (vent pipes and a skylight), and the roof has a slight curvature to prevent pooling of water.  Other roofing materials would either not work well because of inadequate slope, or not be cost-effective due to the difficulties of transporting hot tar the considerable distance from the parking lot to the job.  Because Deck-70  is a fluid applied material, it is relatively easy to install around the various penetrations, compared to more conventional roofing materials.


Does Morgan Construction apply Deck-70?

Absolutely!   For over a decade, carefully prepared and detailed Deck-70 jobs have been performed by Morgan Construction.   As seen on HGTV in January 2004, Robert Morgan of Morgan Construction solved the problem of a badly damaged deck using a combination of epoxy mortar and Deck-70.,1797,HGTV_3731_2558569,00.html

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