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Innovative Problem Solving

By utilizing skills from a variety of different trades, Robert Morgan of Morgan Construction is usually able to present unique solutions to problems often encountered in one-of-a-kind Floating Homes.  Robert is a skilled craftsman in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, sheet metal, masonry, epoxies, and more.  A single tradesman, for example a sheet metal mechanic, will typically try to solve a problem based only upon his metal shaping skills.  Often, however, it is better to combine several skill sets to solve a perplexing problem. 

Many houseboats are works of art, designed to present a "never-seen-before" appearance.  This is why a walk down the usual Floating Home dock is an aesthetic adventure.  To stop a rainwater leak which was due to a design flaw (pretty, but leaks every rain storm) may require some carpentry, moving an electrical outlet, installing flashing, and repairing Deck-70.  Its a plus if all of this can be done in one day without the bother of bringing in several tradesmen. 

It is important to be able to 1) quickly identify the existing structural flaws  2) to formulate a plan to resolve the problem not limited to a single skill set, and  3) to be able to combine a knowledge of a large variety of materials and skills in an imaginative fashion.  Robert Morgan has that ability, and is ready to be your Floating Home Contractor, bringing innovation and imagination to solve the toughest problems.