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Kayak Dock


By adding davits to hold a kayak or other small boat out of the water, wear and tear on the boat bottom is reduced, and back strain is mitigated.  Most importantly, valuable deck space can now be used for a table and chairs, planters, or perhaps a hot tub. 

Pictures below are of Ted Sempliner's Kayak dock.  He designed the "launch deck," a lowered shelf to reduce the climb-in/climb-out effort. It includes a rotating arm which can be fitted with a short rope to grab onto.

These davits, also designed by Ted Sempliner,  use rope loops, which are lowered to where a boat end can fit through, and then the "captured" boat end is hoisted up using blocks (pulleys) and secured to cleats.

Thank you, Mr. Sempliner, for providing the Floating Home Community with an awesome set of concepts to make living afloat even better!

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