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“To whom this may concern:

 Robert Morgan was referred to me when I was buying a houseboat as THE source of reliability and knowledge of houseboat hulls and mechanisms.  He wrote the original report for an inspection I used when purchasing the houseboat, and because of his reputation, we hired him to work on our boat.

  I found Robert clear, fair, knowledgeable, kind, very helpful, and more than generous with his time and working with us.  The realtors say that if the houseboat hull is repaired by Robert, that the value of the boat is improved, and the job is trusted in the houseboat community.  What I found out later from a friend of mine, who had worked with Robert many years ago, is that he is a masterful carpenter and skilled in most aspects of building. 

   Our hull continues to be leak free (it was rather a mess), and Robert continues to be a great and valued resource for information and help."

Dr. Lori Rodgers,  Gate 6-1/2, Kappa’s Marina, Sausalito, CA 11-19-2007


 “Just a note to thank you for the excellent job you did on the concrete barge
repair on my houseboat.

As you know, the barge was seeping water for at least a year, and after your
repair with Xypex, it is completely dry on the inside. You were extremely
thorough and careful throughout the project, and I enjoyed working with you.
I am sure that your expertise with the Xypex product, including a
sequential application process and painstaking attention to detail made all
the difference. In addition, your post-project follow up was much
appreciated. The Xypex worked like a charm in the hands of an experienced
professional like yourself. I am convinced that Xypex is an excellent
product, and I am convinced that you brought the product to it's fullest
ability with your step-by-step application process.

Thank you again for bringing the barge back to top condition."

Jennifer Moffat, West Pier, Sausalito


“Robert is a great all-around contractor. He has done many repairs and improvements to my houseboat over the last few years. Not only is his workmanship professional in every manner, he's also very creative in problem solving all types of nuances that entail maintaining a floating home. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs expert houseboat repair." 

Chris Jacques, Liberty Dock, Waldo Point Harbor, Sausalito, CA 


 "We were vexed for years by a leak on our houseboat. it actually dripped onto our bed from somewhere upstairs.  We spent thousands of dollars with no result.  Then Robert came along and by systematic problem solving he eliminated our leak.”  

Stuart Sheldon, Liberty Dock, Waldo Point Harbor, Sausalito, CA  09-21-2007


"To The Floating Homes Community and Beyond, 

I find Robert Morgan to be one of the most professional, trust-worthy, and responsible Contractors in the Sausalito Community.  Robert successfully repaired my concrete hull with Xypex treatment.  The results were tremedous and my barge is like new.  I highly recommend Robert Morgan as the number one source for barge repair and any other carpentry job that you need help with.   

Thanks again Robert for all your help.  It was invaluable." 

Zack C. 

Gate 6 1/2 Road